P.N.F. Il Primo Libro del Fascista. Rome: A. Mondadori, 1940.
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As the introduction announces, "the first book of Fascism is a manual accessible to all to make known our Revolution, the Party, the Regime, and Mussolini's State." A short and concise history of Fascism is followed by questions and answers about the Duce, the Fascist revolution, the party, the army, the corporate state, and the defense of Italian purity. The chapter on "the defense of the race" explicitly excludes Jews from being considered of pure ancestral Italian blood and spells out government measures taken against them. Jews are accused, not without justification, of having led international efforts against Fascism.

ITALIAN LIFE UNDER FASCISM: Selections from the Fry Collection
Exhibition in the Department of Special Collections
Memorial Library
University of Wisconsin-Madison
July through September 1998